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It's been dead in here. Anyone up for telling a tale?
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So, are we to get off our duffs and on the way to Canterbury, or shall we just carry on with the drinkin'? I'm not sayin' I care which it's to be...I just wanna know whether to get another round or not...
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not drunk yet.
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Whan that Aprill in yeer 2005
Chauceres Pilgrimes were verray much alyv...

Welcome, sondry folk! I'm so glad to see so many of you here. As your Host, I'm here to break the ice a little bit. Now, I know we've all been introduced before, but it's been a while, hasn't it? So why don't each of you tell us a little about yourself and what you've been up to. Kick back, have some ale - hey, lighten up, Toots, it's a party! - and let's all get to know each other a little better.

-The Hooste with the Mooste
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Stuff I've been thinking about:

-If you belong to any communities related to literature or medievalism or Chaucer or whatever, could you do us a favor and pimp whanthataprill a bit? Not that I'm not totally stoked about the number of people who have shown interest already, but the more characters, the better!

-Like the original Tales, this is a frame story. We are real people interacting as imaginary people who in turn may be telling stories of their own. I've decided we need two "hosts": an omniscient maintainer (the real-life me), and the Host of the Tales, who works within the frame. The original Host's function was conversation stimulation and peer mediation, and that's what I (erm...I mean our Host) will do. The two hosts working in seperate spheres has to do with not breaking character, which I'll talk about next...

-Breaking Character. Once our Host makes his welcome post (which will come closer to the weekend, I think), characters have to post in character. If you wish to comment from your own point of view, post under your own name. Fiction and reality should stay seperate. Unless you all think I'm being weird.

-Should we allow non-characers to leave comments on posts? I have it enabled but if you think that's lame let me know.

-People can play more than one character if they want, but let's give everyone else a chance first - a few more days at least.

-I've been having problems with Photoshop, so the current community icon is just something I threw up there. If a smarter and more talented person than I wishes to make a better icon/background/layout, the comm would be much obliged.

-If anyone likes the idea of this community but doesn't know what character to pick or what to make them say, here's a few descriptions of as-of-this-posting unclaimed pilgrims that I think would be fun to play with:

Miller - Violent, crass drunkard. How can we have a community without an ignorant pain-in-the-ass randomly picking fights all the time?
Pardoner - One of the many corrupt church officers present in the Tales. A fairly despicable human being, but preaches good sermons. Because he is described as rather feminine, many readers believe he is gay, but I think this could also mean he is a woman in disguise.
Reeve - Crabby, old, and creepy. Probably has violent sexual fantasies about 8-year-old girls.
Squire - Young, lusty and romantic. Would probably gush about the love of his life (who changes weekly) and post shitty pop song lyrics.
"Minor" Character - If not much is known about a character, you have the freedom to start where ol' Geoff left off!

P.S. Livejournal apparently won't allow "1387" as a birth year in the userinfo. Bahstahds.

P.P.S. I'm waiting a few more days to start to see if we can bait anyone else into joining (PIMP! PIMP! PIMP!). People will still be able to join at any time after we've begun, however.

P.P.S. Should the setting be exclusively medieval, or should we make it a hybrid of medieval and present-day elements? Obviously, we're speaking in mostly modern English and we're posting via the Internet, so there's a few anachronisms already, but, for example, could the Wife of Bath post something like "So I was married to this computer programmer for a while, but he left me for an adult film star. Fuck 'im. I've seen her movies - they aren't even that good..."
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I am not a role-player, nor am I a Chaucer scholar. But this sounded like fun.

Here are some ideas I've had on how to run things. Your suggestions/feedback are more than welcome, because I really have no idea what I'm doing.

The idea is to create a Livejournal account for a Chaucer pilgrim and post as that character. Character requests will basically come on a first-come, first-served basis. If more than one person initially wants the same character, there will have to be some sort of showdown or something. My only request is that important/popular characters go to people who will #1 post/comment regularly and #2 not suck (a.k.a. be interesting/engaging/entertaining and somewhat true to the character). If someone gets bored or is AWOL we can always reassign characters. Oh, and I figured that as maintainer of this community it would make sense for me to be the Host, ja?

The original idea for this community came from my ponderings of "what if Chaucer's pilgrims had Livejournals?" so I'm thinking modern English with a little Middle English thrown in for fun if the poster wishes. Hell, if it makes sense for a certain character to trash-talk in chatroom speech, so be it.

I'm no layout guru. If someone knows of a tapistry image we could use as a background, that would be cool. If someone gets bored and likes to make icons, it'd be cool to make up some icons for fellow characters. Oh, and we need a community icon! I'll make one myself if no one else does but I'll bet someone else could make something prettier.

Reply to this post with suggestions and character claims! archaist laid an early claim to the Clerk.

P.S. This community does not have open membership, but does have open commenting, so non-players can interact with the characters in the comments. If someone has a better idea please let me know :)

P.P.S. Tell all your geeky friends about this place!
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